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Podpress not updating itunes

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All the playlist I have in itunes now completely GONE and does not show up in my iphone.

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They also detail a small Apple Script that will refresh multiple tracks at once.The easiest way I found to do this is to just re-add the library folder (without deleting the library because that is time consuming and unnecessary) for example.I keep all my movies on an external drive in a folder marked i Pod Movies, and not in my i Tunes media folder that is designated in my preferences. If I create a playlist on iphone and it shows immediately in itunes 11, however vice versa does not work.Inface when i turn off itunes match from iphone 5 and turn it back on, even the playlist i created from iphone does not show up. the way I organize them in folders (and subfolders) is not what the program does.

By the way, I really care of my personal data: pictures, documents, ebook, music...

I also have "Manually manage music" selected for my ipod, but I don't think that's related to how I store my music.

As an addition to the above answer: I put all new music to be added to the i Pod in a seperate folder then point i Tunes to this folder under "add folder". Click Start, click Run, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Player, and then click OK. Select all the files in the folder, and then click Delete on the File menu. Note: Windows Media Player automatically rebuilds the database.

If you'd read my question (and not only the title), you would know that I only use i Tunes to sync i Pod (as I can't just drag and drop my music into it).

If you'd read my answer (and not only my name since you apparently don't like my answer to your question on Super User), you'd would know that the fact you only use i Tunes to sync i Pod has no bearing whatsoever on the answer provided. i Tunes use to pickup on new music I added but now you have to put it the "watch folder" and of course then it moves it from there into the library.

As others have mentioned, I don't know that you can get i Tunes to automatically track changes, but here's one possible work-around.