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Maybe, she might just be waiting for you, as the guy you are(would be perfect).Or she might just think, you don't have the qualities(that is what you must avoid)and she will drop you. I LIKE nice guys who I also happen to find attractive.

Oh, and since she prefers long walks to closed spaces, work on that, stay out of bars unless they are on the beach.Yes, confidence is nice, but that doesn't mean a touch of shyness can't ever be endearing.If he blushes over something I'd prob melt into a puddle faster than the wicked witch, but less dramatic and happier about it. Some people are hard to get to know, I eventually figured that out about myself, but even someone who is might be an awesome person who's worth knowing (or being with in terms of romantic interests) once you get through that wall. Well guys, i'm finally back home 4 hours later, I think it went alright, I got to know about her a bit more and I got to know about her past relationships ( of which there are none), i'm thinking of waiting 20 minutes until she gets home and asking her to be my girlfriend, we honestly just sat and had a little food then had a few quiet I can't see calling a guy my "boyfriend" in front of him if I am unsure that's where it's going, because if I'm wrong and it's not... Well, it's still possible she used "friend" because she's been trying to figure it out as well.(It's not like we women already magically know anymore than the guys do. Coming from a shy girl (especially with trust issues or if introverted x D), I can say that we like things slow.Photo is the first thing lady will see, please remember it!

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General rule of thumb from my experience is the shy girls always have the best personalities once they open up. Just simply requires people who have what it takes to get past it. The only thing that got me was that during the whole night, she used the word once in reference to me, she said " its nice to have a friend to go out with", but I think she said it in reference to me rather than just saying " a boy" or something similar.

However be prepared to take some time getting her to open up completely to you, depending on her past and what not (this will take to time for her to share with you if it was a bad past) she could have trust issues or something. (And often the people who have, have also been people worth knowing. She is probably waiting on you to make some kind of physical advancement (hand holding, arm around, hug etc). If she chooses to go out with me, I can see this possibly being a bit harder than usual since she's never had another boyfriend, but i'm hoping I can make it work.

) I called a paranoia, but it's not a medical condition or a defect or otherwise, its a defense, some people take it better then others, i for once never dealt with rejection very well, took some time to pass that, but im doing well these days, i now trow it all in the table, when i really like someone i trow it all, no fear, eye to eye, if i get a no, i get up and life goes on. Well, it's still possible she used "friend" because she's been trying to figure it out as well.

(It's not like we women already magically know anymore than the guys do.

Well, since you are THE one for her (first relationship), go easy, don't bullshit because they find out later on and can end nasty, all depends on you and how much you like her to climb the trust ladder till the end, whatever happens treat her like a lady, and always bang her like a man, and again, don't bullshit her. I mean you know that obviously if you were in a 4 year relatioship with someone but just don't forget that!