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Pretten prerecorded chat

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Download: Another Call Recorder (Free)The simply-named Call Recorder is by far the ugliest app on this list.Despite receiving recent updates, its look would be more at home with 2010 Android than what it’s become today.

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When we made a call using speakerphone, the recording sounded much better and was certainly loud enough.In our test recording, this app didn’t sound good at first.Our side of the call was clear, but there was static throughout the recording and you could barely hear the other party.Even when we made a second call with speakerphone enabled, the other party was still quiet.Due to its advanced feature set and good looks, and despite its low volume, we recommend Another Call Recorder only if you want to share recordings to cloud storage.Be sure that any recording you plan to do is legal before proceeding.

Automatic Call Recorder is a simple, Material Design-themed app True to its name, Automatic Call Recorder will grab all calls without your intervention.

Aside from this, the app shoves “recommended” downloads in your face when you try to close it.

Automatic Call Recorder has more features than this app without the ugly look, so we don’t recommend Call Recorder due to its ugly aesthetics, lack of settings, and poor recording quality.

Thus, the free version of this app is fine for most people — just make sure you’re using speakerphone to record.

Download: Automatic Call Recorder (Free)Another Call Recorder is a bit slicker than Automatic Call Recorder.

Before you start, it asks you to confirm that call recording is legal in your country and acknowledge that call recording apps can’t record Wi-Fi or internet calls.