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The Know Your Rights broadcast streams live over the internet every Tuesday night between 8 and 10pm.

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”One of the biggest stories in the country at the moment is the one unfolding with Senator Culleton.We have been working closely in the background with him and we do a regular update on his progress on each week's show.We do ask our listeners to understand that we are limited by the internet connection that we have at the studio and, unfortunately, we do have service interruptions from time to time.Please place your order via the link below and select the option from the "Choose Options" dropdown menu that comes up on the shopping cart page.You can make your payment with an existing Paypal account or by credit card.72nd Show 12/4/16 – We interview Garth Daniel’s father, Bernie, and cover the concept of ‘authority’, in addition to detailing my break and changes for the group moving forwards.

73rd Show 10/5/16 – We break down the ATO’s “Taxpayer Alert” document and also cover the importance of section 117 of the Commonwealth Constitution.

We have also had a number of people request a copy of our podcasts on CD so, we have now created a number of different CD packs which include a copy of our first 120 broadcasts - with all the music edited out (which equates to around 180 hours of straight content) - in mp3 format, which can be played directly on most modern CD players.

We have single packs available for those who want to add to their existing collection and we have all 120 podcasts available on a special 6 X CD pack so please choose the appropriate pack, depending on the podcasts that you're after, from the drop down menu below.

75th Show 24/5/16 - Paul Daniel chats to us about his landmark victory in the County Court and Darryl rips into the purported Australia Act.

76th Show 31/5/16 - We discuss a powerful Act, Court Case and media report on the demise of the Myki system.

Some people may be able to use the work around links that you can access via the Listen Live button above.