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Prostitute vs dating

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However, you can experience more intimacy and companionship in a relationship with a prostitute than you might think, and an advantage of sex with prostitutes is variety, which is said to be the spice of life.

A prostitute is not entitled to half the money and property you accumulated while you were seeing her, nor is she entitled to half or some proportional share of your pension or retirement benefits.Marriage, although thought of as honorable, is a lot like prostitution and is much more expensive.Marriage is long-term prostitution, with the exception of marriage to a woman who either (a) earns as much or more money than you or (b) is willing to and does sign a premarital agreement keeping your and her money and property entirely separate, including money and property earned or accumulated during marriage.Prostitutes don't care if you drive an old or inexpensive car.Prostitutes don't care if you're not handsome or if you're short or overweight.A disadvantage of sex with prostitutes is the stigma of having had sex with a prostitute.

However, men almost always pay for sex one way or another (one example being the cost of dating, which is almost always paid by men rather than women), and men who pay through the supposedly honorable institution of marriage usually pay the most.

If a prostitute does give birth to a child, there probably were too many men she had sex with for her to remember who they were and make them do paternity testing; she also probably won't know where to find them.

So if you have sex only with prostitutes, you have very little risk of being subjected to the extortion mandated by today's child support schedules that are so high they keep you from having enough money to live a satisfying life for the next 18 or 21 years even if you have a good income because you are being forced to pay vastly greater sums of money as child support than not just your fair share of the child's actual support costs - but anywhere from two times to ten times the entire cost of raising the child.

Unlike many other women, prostitutes do, or let you do, oral sex if that's what you want.

In fact, in one survey, oral sex was the type of sexual activity most often requested of and engaged in by prostitutes.

If you limit your sexual activity to prostitutes and girlfriends and don't get married, you won't marry a young, thin, pretty woman when you're young and find yourself married to an old, fat, no longer pretty woman when you're old.