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So each time I quit, it got harder and harder to motivate myself to set a date. Other top of the line, physician-endorsed methods: nicotine replacement and Zyban.The nicotine patch or gum are now available over-the-counter at any pharmacy.

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I left academia AFTER being successful and getting tenure. And I’ll help you deal with the emotions, the feelings of failure, and get past them, and get a plan.*Achieving financial, emotional AND intellectual well being in academia is somewhat akin to climbing Everest blind. The anti-depressant Zyban and nicotine inhaler require a prescription.Bear in mind,however, that with no program only 5% of quitters are still smokefree at the end of 12 months.There isn’t enough funding, and there’s less every year. You will be judged harshly by others and, to the extent you’ve been properly socialized into the cult during graduate school, by your own inner voices.For those who have repeatedly failed at quitting in the past, it's comforting to learn that most smokers in fact fail several times before stopping successfully.

Instead, they are part of the normal journey toward becoming a nonsmoker. Every time I failed, I lost a little more faith that I could really quit.

Your past failures are not a lesson that you are unable to quit.

Instead, view them as part of the normal journey toward becoming a nonsmoker.

If smoking is a choice, then what's the rush to quit?

The tobacco companies have used this spin to help keep millions of customers buying their deadly products.

Real men ask directions People who are the most successful at living life typically get plenty of help.