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We both have all the clothes, perfume/ aftershave, jewellery, dvds etc we could ever want or need so we are putting the money that we had agreed to spend on each other towards our holiday next year so we can go away and hace a fab time and not be stressing about money.

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It could mean pirate’s treasure, but it is usually used for a bitch with a nice ass. Use these naughty emoticons to tell her that you love her ass. The birth of the dick emoji is the death of the eggplant icon.We're in North Scotland as well so have travel and hotels to add into the equation. I have been stressing about this for a while so thought I would turn to you for help!!!! I was going to suggest one of those driving experiences, but if he drives like an old lady then perhaps not! If you have someone to look after the kids that is.Are there any events or concerts coming up in the next couple of months/ next year that you know he would could get one of those puzzle cubes that you put a voucher or a dvd or cd in and you cant get the gift out till youve solved the puzzle. il think of some more I'm struggling this year too.My OH has psaorisis so can't do skin stuff, is diabetic so can't do sweet stuff, has no interest in clothes, games machines or gadgets.If he's into games then maybe a portable chess/sudoku/brain trainer type game. They do a huge range of interesting gift ideas, including the driving and experience days, but also meals out, wine tasting, photoshoots, tea at the Ritz, that sort of thing.

Argos sell them and they currently have 3 for 2 on the christmas gifts as i got my husband one of the chess games. Me and my brother clubbed together and bought my parents a Thames river trip which they loved.

This funny and provocative emoticons are perfect for the ‘sexting‘.

They have a broad range of characters and are divided into two categories: dirty and porn emojis.

I make these, feel free to take a look at my website Cherished Heart Jewellery (hope I'm allowed to put that on here!? Keyrings, cufflinks, dog tags and bookmarks are really popular for men at x-mas.

There's also loads of piccies on my facebook site at Cherished Heart Jewellery | Facebook Hope this helps as a suggestion!

I had a quick look at tickets for sporting events - Formula One at Silverstone, Man Utd match but the prices are enormous!