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He fought the case, but left the department March 1917. Also in 1917, the fear of war and invasion spread across the nation and again able bodied men were taken from the ranks of the Tiffin Police Department.The next year, 1917 Prohibition is passed by the United States Congress and later that year the Police Department raided its first speak easy. It was left to the women of Tiffin to keep the peace and they organized a home guard and their membership included training with a rifle.

Although Marshal Brish may have functioned as Marshal, and there was an elected Sheriff, most of the area Law Enforcement was controlled by vigilante-type groups.This board made several changes and one of them was changing the title of Marshal to Chief of Police.The first Chief of Police, Claude Myers was chosen along with eleven other Patrolmen.At the turn of the century there can be noted little change within the procedures an TPD Old Patchd activity of law enforcement in Tiffin.However, there was one major exception in 1903, the first City Civil Service Board was established.I am proud of the men and women of the Tiffin Police Department who, in good times and bad, continue their efforts to make Tiffin a better place to live.

However, the Police can’t do it alone, we need your help in making Tiffin a safer, and better place to live.

As reported, Lee Martin was found in a field with a gun in his hand.

Marshal SMarshal Schultzhultz approached in an attempt to talk to Martin and a scuffle ensued and shots broke out. Patrolman Sweeney subdued Martin and placed the dying Marshal into the buggy and raced back to Tiffin.

The Clinton Protective Society was organized in 1846 and the ranks of its membership swelled until 1886, when three hundred and forty-four were part of the band. Kissinger was the first recorded Marshal elected in Tiffin (which is comparable to today's Chief of Police) and the first Police Department was formed. Shoemaker Tiffin suffered typical post Civil War economical problems.

Responsible and influential citizens of Tiffin were aware that an orderly transition from vigilante law to government law was required for the establishment of a stable law enforcement agency necessary for the growth of a prosperous and progressive community. Among its first Patrolmen were: Charles Brish George Miller Amos Nicholas Isaac Robb I. Thus a Police Department did not exist from April to November during the year 1872.

On this date a man reported to Marshal Shultz that a man was acting strange with a pistol on a farm North of Tiffin.