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Resons dating a younger man sucks

resons dating a younger man sucks-4

It’s definitely an annoying girlfriend trait when a girlfriend can’t understand what her own man loves and what he doesn’t.

#4 Men hate it when they’re not given their space Women may get bored spending some alone time now and then. So if you ever find your man doing something by himself, you can definitely ask him if he needs help or some company, but if he says he’s happy to do it alone, learn to leave him alone with whatever he’s doing, even if he seems to be struggling.[Read: Signs of an annoying boyfriend] Stay away from these traits and your man will love you for it.Inch closer to it and you’re meddling in the annoying girlfriend territory.Men don’t mind a bit of physical affection, but they do want to take it further, especially if you’ve left a man hard and wanting more.[Read: How to turn a guy on] And what’s really worse is when he complains to you about blue balls and you brush it off as a stupid excuse to have sex.But he has this happy thought only if his girlfriend treats him better than all other guys.

If you get touchy feely with other men and snub your boyfriend or don’t treat him better, heck, you’re going straight on top of the list of annoying girlfriends.

Annoying girlfriend habits Here is a list of annoying habits that could annoy most guys.

Avoid indulging in them, but if you really don’t have a choice, try to be subtle about it.

Has your man ever sulked or walked away in a huff for no reason?

Chances are, he’s a weirdo, or you’ve probably had an annoying girlfriend moment!

Men don’t hate it when their girlfriends try to change them, but they hate it when their girlfriends start pushing them away from what they like and force them into doing something they absolutely hate. [Read: A clingy boyfriend story] While men do understand the need to be overly clingy or way too independent, it does take a bit of moderation to have a happy relationship, don’t you think?