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Restore iphone 3gs without updating

restore iphone 3gs without updating-31

I believe many people will encounter the same problem, because some unexpected cause your i Phone stuck in recovery mode after/during i OS 9/10/10.1/10.2 upgrading.When you i Phone or i Pad stuck in Recovery Mode during i OS update or i OS jailbreaking, please don’t worry!

For the purposes of this tutorial we will assume you've got an unlocked i Phone or have access to a carrier-specific SIM that you can use temporarily.What’s more,you can use this i Phone System Repair & Data Recovery to allows you fix i Phone device stuck at apple logo or recovery mode loop, getting black screen,white screen or others,and extract lost data from i Tunes and i Could backup.Besides get i Phone exit recovery mode, it will easily rids your device of DFU mode no matter after i OS 8,i OS 9 or i OS 10 upgrade, downgrade or jailbreak.Now,my i Phone 5S stuck in recovery mode during i OS 9 can I fix i Phone stuck in recovery mode when upgrading to i OS 9″Someone can help me solve i Phone stuck issue?My i Phone 6s Plus stuck in recovery mode after i OS 10.2 update,is there any free ios repair tool to fix ios to normal when i Phone stuck in recovery mode after upgrading to i OS 10.2?To get out of recovery mode,restoring the i Phone to factory is a simple way. But it will erase all the data on the i Phone, i Pad device.

Obviously people want to minimize the extent of the loss of things.

Not only do we want to disuade you from calling the emergency services unnecessarily, we also warn you that when we tried this method out it didn't work at all. If all else fails you can always attempt to jailbreak your i Phone.

This does void your warranty, but if you've got an old i Phone that's carrier-locked, it might be the best way to get it working again.

i OS Data Recovery software can do you a favor to solve this emergent issue in an easy, quick and effective way.

In order to recover all your endangered data, you should take measures to get your i Phone out of recovery mode first, and the tutorial below will guide you in this way.

If not, find out how to unlock an i Phone so you can use any SIM and How to fix the "could not activate i Phone" error.