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Robert patterson dating kristen stewart

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And so the country’s elites and military demanded Vanya over because they needed a king ago.So everyone had been upset about that and how unfair it was to Vanya to ask him to become king.

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And so Jane and Weller had to fight to save the evidence of thousands of cases.And she found one serial that had raped two women twenty years ago and who would be important/wealth enough to order the fire bombs.Two of the rape kits matched King Ivan of Kazharus.So Jane had tried to find some means of further verifying the evidence and unfortunately she kept hitting a brick wall.She couldn’t take a test that would determine whether or not she gave birth and the one person that was there when she gave birth had coincidentally died five years ago.Cyrus had become king upon Ivan’s death because the succession deepened on proximity though the rape kits proved that Yasmin had had contact with Ivan and only Ivan could be the father of the child she had nine months after the rape.

So the team found out they were dealing with a succession crisis and so they had to call someone in from Foreign Affairs.

So Vanya and Yasmin had found themselves safe and unfortunately a sudden death changed everything.

The team had found out that King Cyrus had been found hanging from a rope and that the death caused the absolute monarchy to destabilize.

The CIA had taken a sample of his DNA when he had had surgery in the states and so the team knew for a fact that he had raped two women – Jessica and Yasmin.

But Ivan had died not that long ago and so the rape kits were only important to his brother King Cyrus.

However, nothing good could come out of his refusal.