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But when she meets Voodoo, she knows she's found her man. They wander the woods of Alabama trying to find a resort.Instead they find a hillbilly by the name of James Deen who's packing enough wood to satisfy both of these city slickers!

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When Mick starts rubbing Leilani down she gets a little more than she bargained for...He is so good, in fact, that Amber's lust gets the best of her.After Jason quits due to the difficulty of the poses, Amber and Keiran practice downward doggie style! Jekyll is a mad scientist who hires a whore for the evening to perform one of her experiments on.When we last left Breanne, she was just getting ready for a night of mischief.After being invited to one of the hottest swingers party in town, Breanne can't help but feel a little turned on.Jordan is really angry, his girlfriend is giving him some serious stress.

The more he thinks about it, the more cheating seem like the right thing to do. Even luckier for him, his conscience wants to fuck his brains out.

Amber and Jason are a young couple on a tropical island retreat.

Amber is really keen on yoga and convinces Jason to join her for a session with Keiran, a professional in the field.

Anissa Kate is a doctor with a limitless cock craving.

When Johnny is dropped off at the hospital with a bullet wound, she doesn't see a new patient, she sees an opportunity for dick riding.

She decides to attend in the hopes of finding a well-hung gentlemen who can fuck her tight little asshole six ways from Sunday.