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even the ants are fascinating, busy delivering their haul to colonies below. Those after God’s own antidote to last night’s rum should look no further than the Pacuare River.

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Despite the fact they do absolutely nothing to amuse you it’s impossible not to find their little faces absolutely hilarious.The area is known as Costa Rica’s mini-Amazon, dominated by wide rivers, thick foliage, and narrow canals meeting the Caribbean.With no roads you need a vessel to get here, unless you have access to a small plane, but the 6AM cruise from my lodge stands out most.Locals feed the beasts so they stick around to lure in photo-hungry tourists who might also buy a drink or souvenir from the small cafe-shop by the side of the road.Size-wise, they must be seen to be believed, and you can do it for free here while waiting for your mate to use the loo.I spent two divine days at Playa Hermosa, on the more Americanised (but no less picturesque) Pacific, in the north west – renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and picturesque bay of islets.

Manuel Antonio is another favourite, further south, with it’s own national park boasting a spectacular sweeping shore popular with thieving monkeys and their human targets.

The last of which (for an extra $10) you can zipline as Superman, flying face first across 1KM of treetops at around 60KM per hour.

Costa Rican evenings definitely make the global leaderboard, especially when you’re on the coast.

Costa Rica is renowned for ziplining, offering some of the best on the planet.

Selvatura Park, Monteverde, has 12 cables spanning 18 platforms.

It was said so frequently, in fact, that it became slightly repetitive, although one hour after landing back in Heathrow I was aching to hear those words again. The universal public healthcare system is considered among Latin America’s best, and, according to the World Health Organisation, sits in the global Top 40, even beating the US.