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Sometimes it feels like parents and teens don't speak the same language.When it comes to texting, chatting and emailing, that's literally true.

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I've created 10 rules that everyone should follow and even made a poster you can hang at home, work, school or anywhere else people need a gentle digital etiquette reminder.Click here for 5 dangerous apps you don't know your kid is using.I recommend friending or following your kids on any sites they use.The list of all your friends regardless of their status was poking you in the eyes constantly.Not only was this annoying to look at and use, but it was also messing up with social network’s recent chat integration with Skype.In the heat of the social network war between Google and Facebook, making mistakes, however simple they are, is not an option.

Nevertheless, about a month ago in its effort to shine brighter than the constantly growing presence and usage of Google’s social service, Facebook made a rushed decision.

And to wrap things up, Facebook has patched things up with the Skype integration as well, so everything looks to be good. Oh, and don’t forget to check this rather funny comic on Facebook’s new chat window.

But before that, please share with us your thoughts on Facebook’s latest evolution in the comments.

In fact, you should start before they're teens with my 10 Commandments for Kids Online.

It's a contract between you and your child about the do's and don'ts of our digital life.

Of course, you never know what sites they might be using that you don't know about.