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You will be required to have a phone teasing session with each of the Mistresses on your list, before you are permitted to have an orgasm.

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Selecting the Masturbatrix to best meet your need is simple.So you must be on your best behavior throughout your training, or you might not get to cum at all!Orgasm Denial training sessions are highly customizable; you can speak with your Headmistress at the start of any training program, to negotiate your training frequency, and whether you get to have an orgasm during the final orgasm denial session. You might be required to start the circuit all over again with no orgasm at all - so you'd better behave.Receive stimulation simultaneously to all of your sensitive areas.“Mum, I don’t need Nellie to check up on me,” Daniel bleated.Don’t forget last time.”Daniel knew what his Mum was referring to but still thought it unfair. Don’t forget she’ll be over to spank you later on.”Daniel closed the door after watching the taxi drive off and decided to watch TV waiting for his sister. Charlotte was the younger sister of a friend of Nellie’s who still lived three doors away. He always lost his ability to speak properly when Charlotte was around.

So, when she appeared at the door he just stammered a hullo.“Can I come in, Daniel?

If you desire, this final session will be a group session, with multiple Mistresses on the phone with you.

The Mistresses may vote on whether you get to have an orgasm.

Orgasm control and orgasm denial can take many forms.

Some are into extreme orgasm control and orgasm denial, being instructed to masturbate daily with no release.

Orgasm Denial Training Programs are a great way to learn about orgasm denial, and experience the pleasure of being controlled and denied by one Cock Control Mistress up to fifteen Mistresses at a time, or more!