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More than 400 Louisiana prisoners who are otherwise eligible for early release can’t leave correctional facilities because they are unable to find an approved place to live that complies with the state’s sex offender requirements.Instead they must wait for their full-term release date, costing taxpayers roughly $13,000 a day, only to be released without supervision or requirements for classes or therapy.

A violation of the requirements or a failure to register could quickly mean another jail term, Dibenedetto explained.“You have to realize that yes, if they were out they could be saving us money,” Dibenedetto said. they get out and they don’t have a place to go, which is a violation of law, which means they get ..."Someone who gets out of jail and then has unstable housing, doesn't have a support system, can’t get a job, that’s putting them in a spot where they might be more likely to reoffend," she said."That’s only going to make them more desperate.” Dibenedetto said that transition specialists work with inmates with upcoming release dates to try and help them meet the requirements, including by recommending shelters and investigating proposed locations.This accrued early release, however, is overshadowed by their lack of an approved residence.Many of the men and women in this situation are in prison on a subsequent offense than the conviction that required them to register as a sex offender because sex offenses often require the person to serve a fixed sentence without eligibility for early release, according to Tracy Dibenedetto, the Office of Adult Services program director.For Louisiana corrections officials, this poses a conundrum.

It is important to release offenders only when they can meet the strict living restrictions for registered sex offenders, they said, or else the inmate is likely to end up back behind bars again.

His mother lost her home in Hurricane Katrina and still lives with relatives who have a small child in the home.

His sister lives in Georgia with her large family and a young grandchild.

Incarcerated sex offenders need to secure an approved home that complies with these restrictions before they can be released on probation.

Right now, the 425 men and women eligible for early release have otherwise earned so-called "good time" in prison, meaning that they participated in certain programs and had good behavior behind bars.

Hartley is restricted from living with a young child due to his previous convictions of molestation of a juvenile and forcible rape.