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“Right now it can take 15 to 20 years before we get from the laboratory to the field.Plants rely on both light and carbon dioxide to grow.

At the individual tube level, these unique structures exhibit exceptional properties such as 200x the strength and 5x the elasticity of steel.Part of the problem, Loladze was finding, lay in the research world itself carbon dating how far back.How does rising atmospheric CO 2 change how plants grow.To say that it’s little known that key crops are getting less nutritious due to rising CO 2 is an understatement.Their study also includes vitamins, an important nutritional component, that to date has almost not been studied at all.“There are lots of questions,” Ziska said as he showed me around his research campus in Beltsville.

She said they didn’t know about the subject, either.

| Geoff Johnson for POLITICO In a USDA research field in Maryland, researchers are running experiments on bell peppers to measure how vitamin C changes under elevated CO 2.

“It was kind of a watershed moment for me when I started thinking about human nutrition,” he said.

who is keyed into the potentially sweeping consequences of the CO 2-nutrition dynamic, and brings it up in every talk she gives.

They found that the protein content of goldenrod pollen has declined by a third since the industrial revolution—and the change closely tracks with the rise in CO 2.

“The finding that raising atmospheric CO 2 lowers the nutritional value of C3 crops is one such surprise that we can now better predict and prepare for.