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This will include a discussion of funerary practices, for example facets of pyre technology such as firing temperatures or evenness of burning of the remains, or other aspects such as the amount of bone that was collected from the pyre for deposition.

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A science teacher who told a schoolgirl that he 'hadn't been laid in six years' and showered others with gifts such as chocolate and jewellery faces being struck off.A second girl known as Pupil B was also contacted on Twitter by Clarke in February 2015 - but the contact ended in April that same year when she decided to block him from contacting her.Miss Williams said: 'Pupil B said she was given a box of Cadbury's Creme Eggs after a mock exam.'The hearing was told Clarke told another girl known as Pupil C: 'I haven't been laid in six years.After they have been dried and sorted the cremated remains are subjected to specialist analysis.As Rubicon Heritage and AB Heritage have now entered post-excavation on Lovelodge Farm, this is the process that is currently underway for the remains recovered there.He worked various roles including a science technician and a part time science teacher, and became a full-time teacher in 2015.

The allegations of Clarke's conduct came to light in October 2015, after one of the pupils spoke to the assistant head teacher, Sarah Tiddy.

Presenting officer Carys Williams told how he sent personal messages to a schoolgirl identified as Pupil A on Snapchat and text which left her 'uncomfortable.'Miss Williams said: 'A particular message which she recalls which made her feel uncomfortable was in response to her saying: 'I can't do science'.'He said: 'I'd help you find the links between anatomy and feel good hormones'.'Mr Clarke asked her to delete the conversation between them to 'avoid more hassle'.'Pupil A informed Mr Clarke that she felt the contact was inappropriate.'The hearing was told Clarke allegedly gave Pupil A a T-shirt and a bag of gifts including figurines, earrings, a pink bag, and chocolate on her GCSE results day at the 1,000-pupil school.

Clarke began following Pupil A on Twitter in July 2014 and started sending her personal messages for 11 months.

Our osteoarchaeologist, Carmelita Troy, advises on the processing of all human remains and ensures careful and respectful treatment throughout.

Cremations are treated as flotation samples- first a flotation is taken; then the heavier elements of the cremation that did not float- known as the retent- are washed through a sieve bank.

Pupil A, who is now 19, said: 'He hinted he had a crush on me.