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Sex horn chat room without registeration

Sex horn chat room without registeration-52

i felt so sexy, especially when, after we had eaten, They told me to masturbate for Them before another fellatio session.All the time with Their cum drying on my face and hair while They took souvenir photographs of me.

i sucked Them all, swapping from one to another, until They were all on the verge.During my stay i was again subject to bondage and corporal punishment; i didn At the end of my stay, much to my disappointment, i was again returned home.However, a month later, having sorted out my affairs and told everyone that i was going travelling, i arrived back at the home of my Lord.Perhaps my most outrageous experience was when, on a Wednesday afternoon, which was free for recreational activities, i met a guy named Mike, who was a year ahead of me.After a few drinks, i agreed to go back to the house He shared with three other men. ) left the bedroom door wide open and His three friends came back and caught us in the act.Only the following morning was i allowed to shower.

In my final year at university, i was in a relationship with a man who exploited my submissiveness to pimp me out to His friends; and one of my Tutors.

My training began immediately; i was made to strip and kneel before my new owner and a steel collar was locked, snugly, around my neck.

my wrists were cuffed behind my back and a chain leash was clipped to my collar.

So, i started to use Internet chat-rooms that catered for people with such tastes.

There, out of the blue, i again came into contact with my Lord.

my Father was a strict Catholic and he would regularly spank me when i was a child; nothing sexual or abusive, merely because i deserved to be punished.