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"If a top-tier creator is considered 'brand safe' and anti-Semitic videos take four months to be noticed, that's a problem," said an ad agency executive, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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All what you need to spend your time with satisfaction :) ."Advertisers can be more conservative by implementing sensitive subject exclusions," Google said in its note, which was sent out within the past week.The new filter categories are some of the first tangible steps coming out of You Tube to address content concerns and give advertisers more control over where their ads appear.They also mean creators will face more scrutiny over their subject matter.The You Tube purge has been affecting channels from the The Rubin Report, which offers political commentary, to H3H3Productions, a comedy channel."Curious if any other You Tubers saw a massive hit on monetization in last week," Dave Rubin wrote on Twitter. Rubin interviews provocative political thinkers for his "Rubin Report" videos.

Blair White, a twentysomething transgender woman with sometimes unconventional views, responded by saying she had videos "demonetized." "Not massive but still frustrating," Ms. Conservative talk show host Steven Crowder lamented that his channel was being censored by being categorized into the age-restricted version of You Tube while liberal media was displaying as normal for all ages.

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First they came for prank videos, then they came for sexy make-up tutorials, then they came for gamers, then they came for politics, weed and everyone -- You Tube basically came for everyone.

You Tube is trying to thread a tight needle by working with advertisers that demand wholesome content while maintaining a vibrant creator community.

The talent that is being impacted can touch on sensitive and even offensive topics, but they aren't the terrorist videos that kicked off the latest outrage.

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