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NHS England says it needs to record the sexual orientation of adults to fulfil its legal duties to provide equally for gay people.However, some warned of a backlash against intrusion into the private lives of 45m people, with one expert saying the state has “no business in our bedrooms”.

Things like water cooler-talk and nasty emails will point the finger back at you, says Waye.They can have more flexibility as well as autonomy/control over their time.They just have to manage their cash-flow variable and deal with the emotions around uncertainty of workflow (i.e. I also think that technology makes it that much easier (for certain tasks) to work from different locations instead of having to physically be in the same spot for work every day.For these instances, contractors need to be prepared for the ebbs and flows, workload, and money.Workers can think of themselves as consultants who come in and focus on a project and then have time off.If a boss crosses the line or abuse you in any way, go to HR—period.

But if it is not to that extent, the way to deal with this is to first try to discuss concerns with your boss—have HR as plan B. Alberta Labour Standards is a good resource where workers can learn about their rights.

One study found that over 25% of people surveyed had experienced workplace bullying or a difficult relationship with their superior, and another 21% knew someone who had gone through this (US numbers).

Of those who had experienced bullying, 80% of victims surveyed said they had debilitating anxiety, 49% had clinical depression, 30% had PTSD, and 29% had contemplated suicide. It also costs the employer in productivity, turnover, and low morale.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that your job is to do what you were hired to do and to make the lives of your superiors easier (thus easier on you too)—for this, you get paid.

If this arrangement is not satisfactory for you, then definitely look around.

You can always keep getting out as an idea, as well.