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Sexual slave chat bot

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He calls Anthony a "gullible dick" (which reads gullible pee-pee), then talks about Ian giving the robot several commands, including changing a diaper. He then describes how Anthony was standing there as Ian commanded her to change Ian's diaper.

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He then says that they can do anything they want to the robot since it isn't human, even drive you places. The software grabs phone numbers from online ads and send out mass messages to prostitutes who may require help.Because the alert is sent as a text message, it gives the workers a chance to reply when they are safe, as opposed to a phone call.Ian tells Anthony to help out in cleaning the house because the news is coming over to interview Ian for his, as Anthony puts it, "stupid internet show where you talk to your camera like an idiot." Ian tells Anthony it's not stupid and to help out so that the news doesn't think they're slobs. Anthony denies this only for the camera to zoom out to reveal lots of trash around him. / PHOTOSHOP PLASTIC SURGERY / BADASS NEW POWER RANGERS / GAMER GETS TROLL'D! / Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song / Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child / Wii U Sports is Awesome! / GIRLFRIENDS IN THE WILD / If TV Shows Were Real / A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 2) / Best of 2012 REMIX Smosh Disney Star Wars / My Bobblehead is Evil! " The robot then crouches down and starts to clean the house.

Later, Ian and Anthony start to command the robot to do various tasks, including washing Ian's car, going into the kitchen to make Ian a sandwich, give Anthony a new haircut and change Ian's diaper.

A Seattle-based company has developed a sex chat bot that shocks potential paedophiles once they admit to interest in under-age prostitutes.

Users are convinced with poor grammar and delayed responses that the "person" typing is legitimate.

"One of those websites was averaging 34,000 ads a month last year.""When we post a fake ad, we'll get 250 responses in the first two hours.

There's no way that law enforcement has the capacity to respond to that.

Ian walks in and asks what's going on, only to see the robot turn towards him with mashed potatoes on her face, causing Ian to scream.