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Shadow hearts dating outfit

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Not only red carpet events and press meets, the Padmavati star ruled the glossy covers of some of the most popular lifestyle and glamour magazines and the avatars had everyone’s jaws strike the ground.The white diaper pants and jacket she rocked on the covers of Maxim shot the mercury through the roof, Cannot agree more with the mag that truly defined her as the hottest woman of the year.

What’s remarkable about the actress is, she took all the negative responses with a pinch of salt but didn’t miss to learn from her mistakes.The sheer black outfit on Femina that termed her as the unstoppable gave a new definition to ‘sexy’.Deepika continued to be the apple of everyone eyes on social media platforms also.Each of the looks she wore during such events had a story to tell and were widely loved by fans across India.Though the movie’s release has been postponed, the trailer of the grand Padmavati has hit all the platforms of social media and us people have loved the incarnation of their favorite actress as their most revered queen.The second picture became viral within minutes of being posted and for the funniest of reasons.

While the ardent fans were swooned by the sex appeal in the click, some called the posture of the picture awkward and not suitable for the view of the Indian audience.

After initial hiccups, the year saw Deepika Padukone emerge as a style and fashion icon in the truest sense.

Her looks at the Cannes was exquisite and was a stunner after her previous lukewarm appearances.

The dramatic mermaid gown by Gauri & Nainika with its gigantic bows made a statement too bold for anyone to overlook.

Three cheers for the stylist who picked that chandelier earring to be the only accessory to complete the look.

Ditching the dupatta, the Bajirao Mastani star donned a cape with this creame separates adorned with floral embroidery all over.