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Shag cam

A story in the described the hotel as having 80 beds, a 16-foot boardwalk for promenaders with the aim of extending it up to two miles from one end of the development to the other.

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He booked orchestras, some from Chadbourne and Florence, there during the summers and had preaching on Sunday nights. He also moved the piano out of the family home to the pavilion for those who might want to play and he held an occasional square dance there.An admission was charged for the dances, but many people drove from miles, sat on the pavilion porch and listened "for free." (Early ' Napsters' trying to get music for nothing).Some people watched the bands and dancers through the open windows.Hand-made rugs should be rotated annually and professionally washed by Matt Camron every three to five years.Pads should always be used and replaced every 5 years.Beach music was named the state popular music in 2001.

Roberts Pavilion was one of several local pavilions destroyed by Hurricane Hazel on October 15, 1954. is home to the Shaggers’ Hall of Fame, and the pavilion hosts shag events from April to November. Marker is in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in Horry County.

One of the last open air pavilions on the East Coast dedicated to beach music and it’s dance, the shag.

Stop in and see why the older generation reverts back to their teenage years once they walk in our doors.

According to the May 20th story, " promoting their development as the only one on the Atlantic Ocean with 15 advantages found nowhere else, including a Dance Pavilion, Bath House, Artesian Water, Gasoline Filling Station, a large 50-room hotel under construction, a spacious park, a proposed salt water swimming pool, saw mills to furnish building lumber, boating, good fishing, crabs-shrimps-oysters, plenty of game, and a safe strand for surf-bathing and automobile racing.

Belle Edge, part of the Edge family who sold tracts to Ocean Drive Estates a year earlier, paid $10 each for two lots from Ocean Drive estates on May 14, 1927 which must have included the new pavilion--family histories said she bought it "around 1928." Four days later the announced that the Guaranty Realty Company of Asheville had taken over sales and development of Ocean Drive Estates, bussing in visitors from all parts of North and South Carolina (an early form of 'timeshare' sales? Guaranty Realty noted they were renovating the Ocean Drive Hotel for a May 15th opening.

They bring their children, and now their grandchildren, to our wonderful dance floor by the sea in the hopes that they can even minutely understand the love so many have for fas’ dancing’ at the OD Pavilion!