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With the Rectangle Tool (R), draw a square which is around 185 pixels in both width and height.In the Fill and Stroke panel (Ctrl, Shift and F to bring it up), set the fill colour to R = 243, G = 249, B = 93.

With this duplicate shape still selected, copy it to the clipboard but don't paste yet.Switch back to the Gradient Tool and drag out a gradient from top-left to bottom-right on our top sticky note to get our nice gradient fill back.Select the bottom corner piece of the note, then switch to the Node Tool (F2).Push these segments inwards slightly until you get this outcome: Let's get that gradient from the start onto this shape again, then.On the Fill and Stroke panel, choose it from the bottom of the Linear Gradients dropdown box, and use the Gradient Tool once again to drag a fill from the tip of the curl to the larger side so that the darker edge is towards the lower right of the curled edge.Press the 'Home' key to make sure this is above all your other shapes on the page.

Keep this line selected and, holding down the Shift key, click on the page underneath it so you've got two objects highlighted with a dashed outline.

Hop back to the Fill and Stroke box and choose a temporary fill colour for these two objects so you can see what I mean.

Click on the larger object (the main part of the page) with the Select Tool (F1) so that only it is selected.

Instead, send this first copy to the back of the drawing by pressing End or using Object -- Lower to Bottom, then nudge it to the left and down slightly by pressing the left arrow and the down arrow once each on the keyboard.

Now Paste in Place to create a second copy in the original position, and repeat the above process, this time with two keyboard presses instead of one.

In the menus, select Path -- Cut path, or press Ctrl, Alt and / to perform the cut operation and slice the shape into two parts.