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Talk to free girls no credit card

Talk to free girls no credit card-49

A little gray grip runs around the edge of both halves, once again to prevent slips, but also I think to help separate the two for easy opening.The outer shell has a small display and a rubberized volume rocker switch.

Talk to free girls no credit card-50

When I first met the woman who would later become my wife, I had an early Motorola Star-Tac clipped to my belt.And, at the other extreme, Mom and Dad still have the same telephone number as when I entered the world. Is it the right phone for great many hard-to-please and discriminating users? This phone has a purpose and a specific audience, and it is pretty close to perfect in that regard.The same number my older brothers used to talk to girls in the seventies, a practice at which I took a few faltering tries later on in the eighties. Taking the Samsung-Manufactured Jitterbug out of the box renders no huge surprises, the usual formed plastic insert waits inside with the requisite manuals and chargers and such in the expected ratios.Another part may have to do with his stint in the Marines as tank gunner during Korea.Either way, this unit on high volume was much too loud for me, so I think that somewhere between top volume and the very adequate low volume, even Dad would find a workable setting.This phone comes with a car charger too, which seems to be going out-of-vogue with some manufacturers, so more points there.

After becoming used to more straight and square designs, I found the phone to be a bit odd-shaped at first for a flip phone. The purpose of the curves grew more obvious when I opened up the unit and held it.

The base fits securely in the palm of my hand and the narrowness at the hinge makes slipping out of one’s grasp less likely.

Let me comment on the hinge as well—it opened with a smooth and satisfying click that really lent an element of quality.

Selecting that produces a fairly long written description of what setting up a headset might require. The amazing plans and support options of the Great Call Jitterbug is where the phone really sets itself apart. Anything, including adding one of Great Call’s custom services.

Reading the lists of information the Great Call website yielded capabilities that are even more surprising. For small fees (most are less than $5 per month), services such as a Medication Reminder, an On Call Nurse, Wellness Calls, Check-In Calls, and so forth.

They support their phones with 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week support, all based in the United States. And then they bundle up a few of those into a service that is slightly more expensive ($14.99 per month) called Five Star.