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Tegan quin dating 2016

Sara: We're always much more interested in dressing like boys—whatever that means in 2016.

It's a big moment right now for women's looks influencing how men dress—there's Phoebe Philo, Kristen Stewart, Eunice Lee, you guys.No offense to Dsquared2's Dean and Dan Caten, but we've been taking our style cues from another set of Canadian twins lately: Indie darlings-turned-pop tour de force Tegan and Sara, identical twin sisters from Calgary.And while raiding the closets of our female counterparts isn't our usual m.o., just look at their clothes!" I would have been like, "Go fuck yourself, that's my silhouette."I'm happy you guys brought up your hair, because the evolution of your hairstyles over the years is downright fascinating, and I always notice that when you two wear a new hairstyle, guys wear it a year later. Tegan: There's this joke in the lesbian community about how everyone always says they'd like to have Justin Bieber's haircut.But actually, Justin Bieber always has the haircut that lesbians have been sporting for a year.Do you have any advice on how to obtain such enviable hair?

Sara: I tend to take my cues from what's happening in menswear.

Sara: I didn't just feel excited, I felt fucking grateful.

I sort of had this opposite experience in the first 10 years of our career. Every once in awhile, something like the White Stripes covering "Walking With a Ghost" would happen and I would be like, "Maybe we're not as big of losers as I thought," but nobody ever said we were the cool band.

Or does it just further prove that we're all looking for the same thing in a relationship? And that's what is so hilarious—the music I'm obsessed with, like Depeche Mode or Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty, I've never been like, "I don't really relate to them because they're straight men." That doesn't make any sense. We've spent seventeen years being like, "We're just like you," and now it's like we've finally hit that level where, yes, as a straight man you can go, "Yeah, I've totally wanted to be somebody's boyfriend, I really get this." Of course you get it! " And then I realized that's a stupid fucking question.

Sara: One of the things from an industry perspective and from an art perspective that has always frustrated me is that no straight person is asked, "So this is a very hetero-normative song, how do you expect anyone else to relate to it? Tegan: It is a stupid fucking question, but it's a question that's really important to ask.

" Tegan : Sara and I always say that we're not just lesbians.