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Steenkamp, who was embarking on a reality television career, had broken up with a long-term boyfriend three months earlier, while Miss Taylor said that Pistorius “cheating” on her with Steenkamp had brought an end to their relationship.

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Phuti Khomo, who appeared on Tropika Island with Steenkamp, told a documentary on ENCA that Steenkamp was “loved like crazy by Oscar. She told her friend how the athlete “cooked for her, drove her around and gave her presents”.Almost like finding the other part of yourself.” By January, Pistorius was talking about buying a house in Johannesburg to be closer to his girlfriend.They discussed plans for decorating the property, and Pistorius even introduced the model to a neighbour as his “fiance”.She's probably not the only one he's got.” She added that the star was “certainly not what people think he is”, and promised that she would reveal “what he made me go through”.Pistorius told the court Steenkamp warned him that first night that people would “talk".“I think if anything I was maybe more into her than she was at times to me.

I let her just take her space but it wasn't always easy, I was besotted.” Encouraged by their mutual friend, the athlete invited Steenkamp to be his date at the SA Sports Awards the evening of the day they met.

She called him “My Boo” and “Ozzy”, he called her “My Angel” and “Baba”.

In one exchange, in January, she tells him: “You are so special to me.” He replies: “Thank you for being the most beautiful person...

“He was amazing to her, he would do things that we could only see in movies,” she said.

The couple's messages are testament to their affection.

When she moved to Johannesburg in her late twenties, she used her limited earnings to support them.