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The ugly truth rules for dating

LARRY I'm sorry to do this to you, Abby, but I don't think I can work with her anymore. Abby nods, taking him seriously, but you can tell she's done this before. Can you imagine Ted Koppel or Chris Hansen or Anderson Cooper having their wives as co-anchor? A newsman isn't defined by the easy times, Larry, he's defined by the difficult ones.

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She looks disappointed, then pulls out a piece of paper. She pulls out another piece of paper, and hands it to him. ABBY You realize the ice in that scotch is made from tap water, don't you? He gets into his car as she hands him his doggy bag. With curry, you can't smell if it's gone bad, so after three days, you should just toss it. KPHX - WAITING AREA - MORNING - CONTINUOUS 3 Several portly LATINO MEN look up and wave at Abby. 'THE UGLY TRUTH' - Numbered Script - 2/14/2008 3 CONTINUED: 3 ABBY What's with the pot bellies? STUART The guy with the cable access show on Channel 83 does better. She holds up her clipboard, which has the guy's E-Harmony PROFILE and PHOTO. 'THE UGLY TRUTH' - Numbered Script - 2/14/2008 8 CONTINUED: 8 JOY (CONT'D) (cont'd) Look at this bone structure.

JOY You've already rescheduled on this guy three times. He's read more than a dozen books, he has a 401K and he's cute.

KPHX - ABBY'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS 4 ...walks in on a shouting match between JOSH, a leftist angry news writer, and DORI, the entertainment-leaning co-writer.

You wouldn't even know what syphilis looks like if it weren't for my story on Paris Hilton. 'THE UGLY TRUTH' - Numbered Script - 2/14/2008 4 CONTINUED: 4 GUEST CHEF (to Abby) She doesn't eat crab or beef or fish.

KPHX - CORRIDOR - MORNING - MOMENTS LATER 2 JOY, 40's, the associate producer, falls in step with Abby.

JOY The sky-cam on the traffic copter has a cracked lens and they can't fix it. (thinking, then...) Call Matt Hardwick down at Media Services.

ABBY I like the one in the green and the one in the brown, but I want to see the one in the green with less sideburns and the one in the brown with more, then I'll make my decision.