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Incorporated in the visitors centre is the Legend of the Dew and the mythical giant, Hector Mc Dram.

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Its founder died by falling into one of the vats in 1847.The whisky is principally aged in plain oak and sherry casks and the house style is of a raisiny, chocolatey flavour.Glenfiddich was one of the first distilleries to sell whisky as a single malt in 1963 when blended whiskies were the norm.It is so close to the sea that a kerb has been built to stop cars from rolling into the sea.We sample the sweet whisky tasting of Dundee cake, toasted nuts and sea breezes.CARDHU (Gaelic for “black rock”) is the only malt distillery pioneered by a woman, Helen Cummings, who distilled illegally on a family farm.

The whisky is light, with a lingering sweetness and is an easy drinking malt.

You can take a short cruise along the home of the legendary monster, first sighted by St Columba in the C6th.

Today, we begin a three day SPEYSIDE whisky extravaganza in the home of malt whisky.

BEN NEVIS distillery is overlooked by Britain’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis.

It is one of the oldest distilleries, established in 1825.

You have the opportunity to hand-fill your own personally labelled bottle. Their fine collection of old whiskies range in price from $110 to$33,000 per bottle.