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Trucker dating

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What do you think your wife talks about with her friends while you’re on the road?Such problems are of very unique kinds which you can never face while dating a person of any other profession.The truck driver’s life style is quite different from other people so the problems which you will be facing while dating them can be very challenging.We are ensuring that it doesn't happen again in the near future. You will have to face lots of issues if you think of dating a truck driver.A life of a truck driver is not a glamorous life full of fantasies but it is based on the practicalities.

Here are some important things based on realities about dating a truck driver.

“And it takes a very understanding person to understand how that works.” For Livingstone, this understanding prompted a change in the dynamic of her relationship with her husband.

“When your husband is home for two days, you don’t want to ask him to fix the back fence -- you want to spend time with him,” she says.

Truck drivers travel to the far off places and they are least interested in events like parties, dinner etc. So, if you are planning for hangout with them to anywhere, then most probably they will not like to go with you as they are not willing to go there at any cost.

People in relationship wait anxiously the holidays that they can spend most of time with each other.

Learning to take care of household tasks that previously had been left to her husband became key.