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Updating hyper space invader

updating hyper space invader-26

Survival mode comes in three variants: Block integrity – this parameter defines the level of completeness or damage of a block Blocks are built from layers of components - each component is installed on top of the previous component.

We have modified the world generator code to produce higher amounts of iron ore – it’s more realistic and also block components are made mostly from iron.Last-moment change: please note that this will be added in a later update, we didn’t make it for the first survival update.Last-moment change: block repairs may not be very intuitive in this first version of survival – if you don’t see a block damaged or deformed and only its internal parameter “Integrity” is bellow 100%, you may easily miss it. There’s a limit on how many freely floating objects are allowed in the world (ingots, components, ore, etc.).When block integrity drops under a certain level (each type of block has a different threshold), the block will stop functioning.Blocks that have a computer component usually stop working once integrity gets below the computer layer.Inserting a new object into the world has been reworked as well.

For example now when you click on “New Small Ship”, the game will display a landing gear positioned in front of you (it moves as you move).

We wanted to release it rather sooner than later, so we can play-test and balance it together with you.

Please let us know what you think - what parts are annoying and boring, what parts are hard to understand and last but not least: what do you enjoy. forum=326211 --- Please keep posting your feedback and suggestions to our Facebook page https:// Engineers or our forum at

When deconstructing a block (using grinder) – you are actually separating components, layer by layer, and putting them to your backpack, therefore the integrity decreases (it can get decreased by damage as well, e.g.

explosions, collisions, etc.) Please note that non-armor blocks don’t display damage yet – if they get zero integrity they just disappear.

If you move it close to some other surface, magnets will snap and the landing gear will get attached.