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Updating ilo firmware

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This is a page dedicated to Galaxy S5 stock firmware.

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Having Ubuntu as host OS, and being Ubuntu badly supported by HP, I doubt that I have any "Management Agent" (never heard of it) installed. Anyway, just for upgrading the i LO firmware it is too much hassle to care about that many moving parts. If you have a Windows computer somewhere, you can extract the file linked above and connect to the ILO from there.You can use i LO Online updates for and linux (or .scexe files); you can use HP Smart Update Firmware DVD of the server to update the i LO firmware OR you can use i LO browser based option to update the i LO firmware.Today we will be discussing about updating i LO 3 firmware using the browser based option. What if this error comes up even after updating to version 1.20 or later, what are the other ways to update i LO 3 firmware ? Once the firmware is updated, the i LO3 will reboot. Browse the folder and choose the file and Upload the file.sw Item Id=MTX_bb45e0682dd04f098ad89e189c#tab3 For convenience, the latest versions of the firmware are being tracked at, and independently by

To update the HP i LO, go to this page under the section Products Firmware and Tools, click on the version that your server has and download the firmware.

But don’t be discouraged, there’s another way to update your i LO firmware.

1.) Download the HP USB Key Utility for Windows 2.) If you’re running Windows 8.1 and try to install the utility, it will fail with “The software is not supported for installation on this system.” Not a big deal, simply extract the files to a directory 3.) Launch HPUSBKEY.

Now the i LO is updating, hopefully without problems.

Ubuntu is not really a good OS for HP Pro Liant hardware.

Get file, upload with web interface, and bum, i LO firmware upgraded. You can update all of the system firmware using the HP Service Pack for Pro Liant (HP SPP) DVD download. All drivers and downloads for the DL380 G7 are here. Otherwise, I'll need more details about the system... The problem all along was that I was selecting my OS (Ubuntu 12.04) and apparently HP does not offer a firmware installer for Ubuntu.