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Updating records retention schedules in nys

updating records retention schedules in nys-75

This revised Records Retention and Disposition Schedule indicates the minimum length of time that officials of Cities, Towns, Villages and Fire Districts must retain their records before they may be disposed of legally.

updating records retention schedules in nys-76

Questions about the destruction procedure should be addressed to the Office of State Comptroller, Division of Legal Services, 110 State Street, Albany, NY 12236; phone (518) 474-5586.“Intrinsic value” refers to qualities, such as value for exhibits, association with significant events, and aesthetic value, which records may possess beyond merely the information they contain.Further information on identifying records with intrinsic value is provided in SARA Information Leaflet No.If your governing body has already adopted (1988) by resolution, then you do not need to adopt the Schedule again in order to use this revised edition, even though there are major changes between this edition and the previous edition of the Schedule.Once the Schedule has been adopted, local officials may proceed to dispose of records that have met the retention periods specified on the Schedule.It has been prepared and issued by the State Archives and Records Administration (SARA), State Education Department, pursuant to section 57.25 of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Law, and Part 185, Title 8 of the Before records disposition takes place, this Schedule must be formally adopted by resolution of the governing body.

Adoption procedures are explained in the Instructions.

The historical or other research importance of records will vary from local government to local government and from region to region.

The people, places, or events in each community, and the unique circumstances of each government, determine which records are significant.

What makes a record worthy of permanent retention and special management is the continuing importance of the information it contains.

When SARA has determined that a record series has enduring historical or other research significance for all local governments, the series has been given a permanent designation on the Schedule.

36, Local officials desiring to dispose of any records created before 1910 should telephone or write SARA, to obtain disposition request forms.