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Updating voter registration in indiana

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Fill out a registration and absentee ballot Federal Post Card Application, and return the application by 10 days before the election.

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Some military voters and their family members can register until noon on election day.Click here for the in person absentee ballot application.By mail: Apply for a mail-in absentee ballot by printing out Military and overseas voting: As a military or overseas voter, you may submit an absentee ballot application by mail, fax, or in person.Application must be received by your county election board at least 8 days before election day in order to receive absentee ballot.Specific ballot return instructions will accompany your absentee ballot or contact the Indiana Election Division.Emergency Voting: Certain military members and their families may register after 10 days before an election.

Contact Location and time: All registered voters in Indiana are eligible to vote absentee-in-person at the county election board office beginning 29 days before Election Day.

If you’ve ever voted before, you know that your voter registration information is tied to your residential address.

Therefore, if moving to a new home is in your future, you’ll need to update your registration records with your new address. When it comes to actually changing voter registration information, things are, well… Policies and procedures vary by state, so listen up!

- The voter is a voter with disabilities and believes their polling place is not accessible to them.

In person: Registering to vote in-person at the appropriate county voter registration office.

Polling Place: To find your polling place, search your voter registration .