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V n aginsky dating and characterizing writing stamp pad android

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Here’s a list of apps that, among many other things, will let you stamp the date and time a photo was taken on to the photo itself.Camera360Camera360 is a very popular photography app.

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the text has a shadow so even if you’re photographing something in bright light or something that is just a lighter color, the date and time can still be read.Install Vignette From The Google Play Store APD Time Stamp APD Time Stamp doesn’t have the greatest interface, nor does it have a lot of customization options for adding the date and time stamp.In fact, this app that exists for the sole purpose of adding the stamp doesn’t have a photo capture function.At present there are known various methods for determining the age of cellulose containing materials which, proceeding from estimation of respective changes in the physical and chemical properties and the cellulose structure under the environmental effects, said methods being used for estimating the age of the object as a whole including an object having on the surface of the cellulose containing material an image which can be made of other materials during the various periods of the life of the cellulose containing carrier. Known in the art is a method for determining the chemical characteristics of cellulose in samples of paper by the content of carbonyl and carboxyl groups.Known in the art is a method for determining the age of a carrier made of a based-cellulose material (RO, 116844), used for establishing the date of writing of documents, mainly, in determination of the intervention process required for recovery and saving of manuscripts, products of the early period and old books by means of sampling and determination of the level of whiteness in the initial phase and after the heat treatment at 103 . (DE, 102007-44606, B4), in which there is studied the content of the carbonyl groups decreasing with an increase of the sample age, and the content of the carboxyl groups increasing with an increase of the paper age because of progressive processes of oxidation of the cellulose.In particular, the invention relates to a field of determinating the time dating event of creating objects having on their surface an applied image made of paper, fabric, a papier-mache, wood in the form of industrial goods, articles of individual creativity and individual use, for example, printed matter, a souvenir article, a figurine, a piece of furniture, a loomwork, a hand weaving article, a picture, various printed and hand-written documents including coated areas, made by coating the surface of a cellulose containing material with various types of the coating materials applied by jet of another printing technique, contact technique, hand-writing or other methods: colouring agents, varnishes, mastics any art colours, printing inks, stamping inks, pastes (for example, those for ball pens), powders (for example, for cartridges of printing devices), ink (for example, for pen-type, capillary, gel and fountain pens, felt pens), biopolymeric ink for pens, and other coatings.

In view of the wide use of cellulose which is a natural biopolymer having a complex structure and special physical and chemical properties, used for creation during the various historical periods of man activity, of objects of culture, author's right objects, individual creativity articles, various constitutive documents, archive documents of private use and other objects and articles, a very important problem in the archive, antiquarian, criminalistic and judicial activity consists in establishing the correspondence of the claimed date of creation of an article, an object or its fragment to its true (valid) creation date. Known in the art is a method for determining the age of a fabric made of cellulose (RO, 121151,) for the purpose of determining the date of creation of a picture canvas, an article of clothing and old materials by determining the degree of polymerisation of the cellulose using an alkali solution of the Schweizer's reagent.

Where these apps focus on giving us more and more powerful editing options, they seem to miss out on some essential functions that we liked on our old film cameras like the ability to stamp a date and time.

Sure, with smartphones and digital cameras you can embed date and even location data in the image file but this data can be removed or edited with the right app.

Camera apps focus on helping us create visually stunning photos.

Some come packed with filters while others give us freedom to manually adjust exposure and focal length etc.

It offers over 200 filters for free and lots of other great features to boot.