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Validating your certificate could not be successfully completed

For more information about how to view and troubleshoot Share Point monitoring, see the following topics.

To use the certificate now, follow the steps here to replace the certificate information in Microsoft Dynamics 365.Verify that the Share Point URL that you entered is correct and that you can access the Share Point site and site collection by using a web browser from the computer where the Enable Server-Based Share Point Integration wizard is running.More information: Tech Net: Troubleshooting hybrid environments (Share Point)This failure can occur when one or more of the server-based authentication configuration steps were not completed or did not complete successfully.Turning off SSL means that you will allow non SLL connections to the will have to configure your FW, and the CAS rôle to accept non SSL connections Hi - not sure I understand that....NET Attempting Folder Sync command on Active Sync session Folder Sync command completed successfully.

Additional Details Number of Folders: 43 Attempting initial sync (no data) for Inbox folder Completed Sync Command successfully Additional Details Status: 1 Attempting to test Get Item Estimate command for Inbox Folder Successfully received Get Item Estimate Response from Server Additional Details Estimate: 893 messages Attempting to test Sync of Inbox Folder Completed Sync Command successfully Additional Details Number of items synchronized: 512 Ok. The problem is that your Iphone does not trust the certificate that is installed on your SBS Server.

You will either have to buy an UCC Certificate (better than a simple cert, because allows you to publish multiple exchange 2007 services, including owa, activesync, outlook anywhere, autodiscover, and so on), or install a private certificate if you wana install a private PKI in your AD (if so, you will need to import the PKI CA certificate to the Iphone, generate an Exchange UCC certificate from that PKI and assign it to the exchange server and services)..

No problem On that page, you'll have some steps to rquest and install the certificate (forget the ISA steps).

More information: Set up Share Point integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365This failure can also occur if an incorrect URL is entered in the Enable Server-Based Share Point Integration wizard or if there is a problem with the digital certificate used for server authentication.

This failure can occur when the claims-based authentication types do not match.

The enable server-based Share Point integration validation check can return one of the following four types of failures.