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Video chatting with prostitutes

They might only be there once a month, or hardly ever – and they’d rather no one found out.No, since they aren’t employed there the girls at Thermae can turn down customers all night if they want. In the past most of the girls there only went with Koreans / Japanese etc., but since the economy and tourism has dropped a bit I notice they’re more receptive to farang nowadays.

After the first time, all bets are off as far as the prices. Now she knows you’re safe, she might be happy to come directly to your place for 1000 in her free time, or 20000 a month, etc.Usually the hotter 20something girls there ask for 2500 baht short time, some 3000.If they do at first say 3000, they will usually come down to 2500.No loud music, no cover charge like a disco, no pushy mamasans, no thug bouncers.You don’t even really need to buy a drink (they’re very cheap though so I’d at least buy one).Sadly at the time of writing the Army have cleared away most of the streetside bars 🙁 Similar prices go for a sleazy disco like Climax near closing time (girls in fancier clubs like Mixx, Levels and Sugar want more).

Or the Soi 7 beergarden has some older Bangkok freelancers. The advantage of Thermae though is the Thai girls there are more beautiful / China doll style and haven’t seen 1000 dicks already.

Mostly it’s girls inside, ladyboys outside on the steps by the Buddhist shrine / by the road.

There’ll be some girls outside Thermae too though, waiting for a friend – True SIM cards can’t get signal inside.

Most Thai hookers would rather have a small group of regular customers () instead of going with a new guy every time, especially freelancers.

Thermae girls aren’t chained to the bar for long hours, have no employment contract etc.

Just walk past them and flag a cab down yourself, it’s a busy road so one should be along shortly (look for the red light in the windscreen that means available).