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Fiery red-head Nikki Rhodes gives the quintessential zombie sex performance in pantyhose no less! Wearing a sexy, short black skirt, high black pumps, and a shiny silver top stretched tight over her enormous tits, Jewell goes to his office and allows him to hypnotize her with a bright, flashing light and his soothing voice. Running Time: 42 minutes including interview, outtakes and behind the scenes footage. File Size :421mb Resolution :640x360wmv Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD Stripnotized 10 Jewell is seeking the assistance of a hypno-therapist to help her stop biting her nails.

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This clip contains; hypno powers, trance, dancing, breast fondling, girl-girl, kissing, dildo play, Hitachi vibrator and a lustful indulgence for all to admire. Then he orders her to be slutty and seductive once more.Superman man-handles her for a little bit, but is surprised when she easily casts a spell.He doesn't understand his cock and balls are suddenly trapped in a steel device which is squeezing them, and the Seductress simply laughs and teases him. You know the hornier you get, the more its going to hurt." Superman tries to remain stoic, but she casts another spell which immediately causes him to desperately worship her amazing body. The corrupt therapist orders Jewell to behave like a very erotic stripper. opens, the CEO of Steele Enterprises, discovers that his executive secretary, Nikki, is actually a spy working for the Women United Against Hipnoh Slavery, or W. a proper southern belle who is quickly offended by everything he says, a blood-sucking vampire intent on biting him, and a bound and frightened kidnap victim.Effects: Layered audio.effects, binaural tones, subliminal images, deep.induction.

Video includes: female domination, training, goddess worship, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions, cum countdown, humiliation, brain washing File Size :108mb Resolution :720x540mp4 Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD Seductress Enslaves Superman Superman has tracked a mysterious new villainess, The Seductress, to her evil lair.

Instead, he abuses his complete control over her by making her do whatever he wants.

Once she is in a trance, the therapist does not do anything to help her with her problem.

I seduce you into tr4nce and then turn you into my horny little minion. He commands her commit a few crimes, such as breaking and entering and larceny, so he can avoid criminal charges of his own. id=F082_50188F9C Nina is wearing an alluring black dress, black thigh-hi stockings, and shiny black pumps when she comes over to her boss Mr. She sits down on the couch and he immediately offends his sexy guest by suggesting she get naked.

File Size :281mb Resolution :1280x720mp4 Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD The Girl from W. When she refuses, he decides to hypnotize her with a candle.

She looks amazing as she models on the couch and seduces the camera with her eyes.