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West sound speed dating

I was the only girl or woman that I knew who had bloodied half a dozen boys' noses, and got bloodied myself a couple of times.

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Birth control was not the only reason that I brought the condoms with me.Power's French Preventatives, better known as "rubbers." While they had been on the market for quite a while by the time that I purchased them -- and had been used on me several times shortly after I turned eighteen by a slick dude that I ran into when my parents were out of town and after I had been fed some corn juice -- they weren't easy to get.In 1873 the stupid pirooting Comstock Law was passed in the United States which made illegal the advertising of any sort of birth control; it also allowed the postal service to confiscate condoms sold through the mail.But being difficult to get was not the same as impossible, however, and I'm sure that my parents didn't miss the money that I stole from them until after I had already boarded the train to Colorado.I didn't leave Philadelphia on the best of terms with my family.I was a hell of a lot smarter than most of the people that I knew, and even though I -- like many girls/women of the time -- only went through eighth grade in school I was a voracious reader, inherently inquisitive, and unafraid to ask questions, so I knew as much as the few college educated men that were around, and was a better thinker.

Maybe I was a little too full of myself, however, since I thought that I could handle anything including living in the Wild West.

I never wore a back staircase and I thought that it was stupid that boys or men got better educations, could wear pants, could compete in contests of speed and strength, could fight, and could vote and I, as a woman, supposedly couldn't.

Also, my language was not up to the standards of a proper Eastern lady.

I was fascinated by stories of the Wild West that appeared in Eastern newspapers and the fictionalized versions in dime novels.

When I read the dime novels, however, I identified with the male heroes who set things right, not with the maidens in distress who needed rescuing.

He suggested correspondence with several gentlemen who were subscribers to his service for several months rather than just going on the basis of advertisements.