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What does short term dating

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” Since this ended up kind of long, I’m going to try to organize it and chop it up for you.

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It’s important to decide for yourself what major factors lead to your personal happiness and contentment. For me: 1) Personal relationships – All of the people closest to me matter much more than anything else, especially in terms of my happiness.I’m going to try to respond to as many as I can, most privately, but I wanted to make a more general post about my views on poker as a career.I’m sure that for every person who emailed, there are 100 others in a similar situation.This post isn’t going to answer specific questions, but it’s inspired by quite a few.The questions I received most of fell into a category of decisions pertaining to poker as a career: ”Should I finish school?I derive the majority of my happiness from my closest friends and family.

2) Competition, Success – Not just financial, but I like to be working towards something and doing well at it.

I used to feel like I HAD to work hard, and I was doing the “right” thing by maximizing my earn rate rather than being my happiest. I’m choosing apples (happiness) or apples (happiness).

So really, all I need to do is decide what (which apple) will make me more happy (apple).

I say this for no reason other than to remind you that you can’t beat yourself up later on if you feel you made the “wrong” decision, and you can’t hesitate to make a decision out of fear of it being the “wrong” one. I make the best play I can every chance I get, but sometimes my reads are wrong, or they aren’t even wrong, but I run into a small part of my opponents range that I made the “wrong” play against. It all seems to boil down to only two things I want in life- 1) I want to have a net positive effect on the world and the people around me.

There are SO many things that will happen in your life that you have no way to predict, and you can’t blame yourself for completely unforeseen consequences. To be kind, fair and respectful to everyone I interact with.

While I’m not arrogant enough to assume that my 27 years of wisdom are enough to make major life decisions for people I don’t even know, I hope that I can help people methodically think through their own situations and make the best decisions they can.