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While updating the default player

while updating the default player-24

Apple doesn't allow this kind of customization because it wants to ensure that all i Phone users have a similar experience, with a baseline level of quality and expected behavior.

Apple's tight control​ over the i Phone and its software will probably never completely go away, but it's getting looser.The other reason that it makes its apps the default is that doing that brings Apple more users. By making it the default music app, Apple has over 30 million paying customers for its Apple Music service. If it allowed customers to set Spotify as their default, Apple would likely lose some percentage of those customers.While it's not necessarily the ideal experience for all customers, not letting users choose their default apps serves some people well and certainly serves Apple very well.Perhaps a future version of the i OS will let users pick their default apps.I'm using Windows 10 Home 64bit and the update version i'm on is 1703 (KB4018483) and is installed on a Samsung 850 Evo through sata 3. My AMD driver is up-to-date on the public driver 17.4.2I recently manually updated to the Creator's Update to test out the new Gaming Mode for myself and it has caused a big issue.When a website includes an address and you tap it to get directions, Apple Maps always launches because it is the default mapping app.

Of course, there are many different apps that do the same things.

Not only is it impossible to delete many of those pre-installed apps, they're also the default app for their feature or task. If you prefer to use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps for getting directions, can you choose the default apps on your i Phone?

The word "default" means two things when it comes to apps on the i Phone. Using the second meaning, which is what this article is about, default apps are the ones that are always used to do a certain thing.

I have looked into downgrading back to the anniversary update but whats the point if they are just going to force me to update to this again?

Edit: I would like to note that all of my applications open 3-7 second slower since the Creator's update.

If your phone is jailbroken, you won't be able to change every default app, but you can change a couple: While these options may seem appealing, it's important to remember that jailbreaking isn't for everyone.