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Who is andy baldwin dating in 2016

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In his 15 or so years as an actor and director, Fort Worth native Baldwin has studied under some local luminaries, including J. He’s worked with some of the area’s best directors and performers, and there have been some rumors about his temperament—one piece of gossip had him throwing a chair backstage at one theater, which he says is not true—but now it’s time for something different. He and Fischer have an apartment set up in Hamilton Heights (in North Manhattan, in the 130s) and have enough saved to last about a year, he says, provided they don’t get any work at all. Foremost on the frontburner is to find the training he seeks.

I have very limited access to people who invest in me here. He has opened a whole other door in terms of style and taste.There are great places here to study, like Terry Martin’s Meisner class.It’s just that the opportunities multiply in New York.After the show closes, he and his girlfriend Stephanie Fischer, a SAG actress who focuses on TV and commercial work, are moving to New York. But this isn’t one of those typical stories of a fresh-faced actor arriving in the Big Apple with a few bucks and big dreams.For one thing, he no longer falls into the “fresh-faced” category.I feel like I learned to the wrong kind of thing, for me.

I went to Tarrant County College [Northwest Campus] after that, and auditioned for the Casa resident company on a whim. What’s different about the training opportunities in New York? I look at people who I want to train with here, and they’re running the same rat race I am, people like Joel Ferrell, people I would aspire to learn from.

Andy Baldwin: As things got deeper emotionally, I felt the potential for bigger and better things.

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In New York I could pay someone to do that—seriously. It’s not just about mentoring and learning “on the job,” it’s about studying, right?

Who are some of the people you’ve worked with here who have contributed to your growth as an actor and director? You grow in different ways when you’re in a classroom setting.

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