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Who is frankie from the hills dating

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There was also the Hollywood-worthy entourage: a six-foot-nine, 300-pound bodyguard; and two personal assistants, one a 24-year-old woman in a prim blouse and pencil skirt, the other a tall, dark-haired man in a sports jacket whom agents had earlier watched press a lingering kiss on Lee's pouty lips.From the moment they touched down minutes ago, the group had been in motion, hurrying down the jetway to unload their cargo: 13 huge suitcases so heavy that the two men had struggled to carry them, even the big guy.

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The agents who had been waiting for her at the Columbus, Ohio, airport regarded Lee with wariness and curiosity, taking in her expensive-tart look – false lashes, lavender eye shadow, tight black pants, lace-trimmed fuchsia satin camisole – and impeious demeanor, all befitting a woman who had just arrived from Los Angeles via a Gulfstream jet now idling in the twilight.Before that, she'd been enrolled at the tony L. prep school Buckley, where Lee and her mean-girl friends – "my army of skanks," she called them – had taunted schoolmate Paris Hilton, who'd begged for her friendship.But mostly she talked about how she had grown disgusted with her glamorous life stocked with privileged phonies, like that "fat Armenian" Kim Kardashian.She insisted the two friends seal themselves away with no distractions – Cady's cellphone turned off and no music or TV playing; even the curtains were drawn. Cady was flattered by Lee's jealous attention.In that safe space, they talked and laughed for hours, getting silly – Cady cracking jokes and doing impressions, Lee deadpanning quotes from her favorite movie, – and confiding every thought and feeling, including their affection for each other. I'm so glad we're best friends," they drunkenly effused."We're so different that it makes us special," Lee told her.

"We can understand each other in ways that other people can't.

Twenty-year-old Meili Cady had only just met the young woman whose opulent $1.2 million West Hollywood apartment she was now sitting in, sipping vodka while snuggled into the cream-colored couch, but it was already clear their friendship was written in the stars.

At least, that's what Lee was telling her."You're everything Alex told me and so much more," Lee said.

"He thought it could be a yin-and-yang friendship," she says. Speaking with rapid-fire confidence, Lee told Cady all about her much older live-in boyfriend, Christian Navarro, a dashing wine entrepreneur nicknamed "the sommelier to the stars," who curated the cellars of Hollywood celebrities.

At first Cady was skeptical; she'd seen Lee's My Space page, decorated with luxury cars, jewels and unsmiling headshots, and figured they had little in common. Lee said she was an heiress to Samsung on her mother's side, and that her father, whose family founded Sony, had made a fortune in casinos. She said she'd gone to Harvard, where there were statues in her family's honor, and attended a London finishing school.

"I just know we're going to be best friends."Cady gazed fondly back at Lee, who looked every inch the haughty heiress she expected – in purplish contacts, eyebrows waxed to tapered arches and a mole penciled onto one flawless cheek. Lee, in a form-fitting velour sweatsuit, greeted her with a hug.