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Who is jacob black dating

I know a lot of you Twihards out there are going to rail on me for this one, but um, the whole Jacob and Renesmee imprinting situation in Breaking Dawn and it’s sequel, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is beyond icky–more than hinting at gross. Why would handsome, charismatic, sexually virile Jacob choose to imprint on a baby instead of on some foxy lady his own age?!

Here's a list below to help keep it all straight."Beau's personality developed just slightly differently than Bella's," said Meyer in the foreword to the new book."The biggest variations are that he's more OCD, he's not nearly so flowery with his words and thoughts, and he's not as angry.I know it’s just a book series (and very successful film saga)–but the fact that Jacob’s obsessive perversion is presented as super loving and awesome is just a little scary. Are you going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 when it comes out on Friday?What do you think about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee? Well, banned from Bella & Edward’s house or not, and wolfdemonsubspawnpuppies or not, Nessie’s all grown up now and she and Jake have likely had to find a place of their own for a while. And it gives her something to do for fun/to pass the time when you have an eternity. With the two shops that are within an easy commutable distance from one another for humans to manage, it would be nothing for a couple halfbreeds like them to trek.

though with the lack of customer cars in the lot I can’t help but wonder if Emmett had a little too much fun and frightened away all the customers. on top of that the weather here has been all-but perfect for visiting sparkly vamps here this spring because it’s been overcast most days these last few months.

In , Jacob's part in the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle didn't grow in importance until the second book, which Meyer said she is currently not planning on writing for the gender-swapped version. Jessica to Jeremy Beau's friend at the beginning of school Angela to Allen Beau's friend at school Mike to Mc Kayla Mc Kayla has a crush on Beau and asks him to the school dance.

Tyler to Taylor Taylor almost accidentally hits Beau with her car, asks him to the school dance.

He's totally missing the chip Bella carries around on her shoulder all the time." However, it's important to note that Beau and Edythe aren't the only characters with new genders and names. It was a rare thing for a father to get primary custody of a child in those days — even more so when the child was just a baby," wrote Meyer in the foreword.

Meyer changed the gender of practically every single character in the book, apart from Renee and Charlie, Beau's parents. "Most likely, the mother would have had to be proven unfit in some way." Apart from those two exceptions, plus a few background characters, Meyer came up with new, gender-swapped identities for everyone else, including the Cullen family, the werewolves, and all of Bella/Beau's friends.

She's sophisticated, mysterious, and often saves Beau from dangerous situations.