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Who is karen mok dating

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Being a model is second nature to her, as she poses in the narrow corridor of her record company office, dressed in black jeans and a see-through shirt. I feel great as long as I'm in heels," giggles the singer-actress.

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Zhang Yadong, the so-called godfather of mainland pop behind several of Faye Wong's best-selling albums, is the producer.Dressed in a short pink skirt and a pair of lace stockings in the same color, despite the low temperature, Mok pleased her screaming fans.And after rounds of interviews and videotaping, she was still cheerful.Sue intends to continue her career as a contract killer so that she can prove that she is as good as her sister.Kong Yat-hung tracks down Sue in a bakery, where Sue is buying a birthday cake, and this leads to a frantic car chase.After their successful mission, a police inspector named Kong Yat-hung is assigned to investigate the case and she manages to track down the assassins.

In the meantime, Chow Lui's younger brother Chow Nung, who hired Lynn and Sue to kill his brother so that he can become the chairman, wants to kill the assassins to silence them.

When Sue realises that she is being cornered by the police, she calls Lynn at home and asks her sister for help.

At the same time, Chow Nung's assassins break into the house and kill Lynn and frame Kong Yat-hung for the murder.

"I just recorded the melody when it popped in my mind, either on my cell phone or I wrote it down.

It was a fresh experience and I love new challenges." A productive singer-actress with more than 50 movies and 20 albums under her belt, a trend-setter who has her own fragrance label and fashion chain in Asia, Mok has a peculiar effect on both men and women. "For some reason, men call me sexy and women don't see me as an enemy. Her desire to be an actress dates back to when she was 5 years old and saw a TV program with lots of artists performing.

Mok isn't the kind of star, however, who says yes to everything.