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Who is melody gardot dating

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I just like this concept of being able to dream something, materialize it, play with it and design it for the sake of someone else and for the sake of the joy in your own heart.So it’s kind of like art that you’re unattached to. And the damage that was done to my body was gradually diagnosed, instead of immediately, so the recovery process for me was probably unnecessarily long: It took nearly two years for me to say that I could successfully walk. And in a way, when you’re faced with something like that, it forces you to change, and very quickly.

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Ten years ago Diana Krall began making lustrously upholstered albums with the producer Tommy Li Puma that sold in their millions.To reveal that an artist has overcome adversity in order to achieve success in the music industry is, generally speaking, about as much of a revelation as the discovery of cuteness in babies or kittens.See , any episode, or an open mic-night in the West Village.It’s art that you give away freely and I liked that about fashion. I think that unconsciously, I felt called to a challenge-a challenge to regain something. GARDOT: Well, musical therapy was something of a revelation. In tango, your feet are free but the top of your body pushes, so if I feel like I’m gonna fall, my partner can catch me.INTERVIEW: Tell me about the accident, and how the healing process introduced you to music in a more meaningful way. I knew I couldn’t regain everything and I had to surrender to that, but once I did, my simple goal was-this is going to sound really funny – but, my simple goal was just to get into high heels. Gardot: Well, when someone tells you you’re not going to walk again and you spend about a year and half on your back, your clothes don’t mean much. I was abandoning medicine and adhering to the concept of Eastern medicine, and with that I needed something to help my state of mind, because I was a really stressed out. So I walk with a stick but I can totally dance the tango. In 2005, she released her first EP, l (Universal), a second full-length album of jazz-inspired ballads.

This summer, she’ll hit all of the European jazz festivals.

So I learned to play guitar on my back while I was bed-ridden instead.

I only thought to record the songs because sometimes I would I couldn’t remember what I had just done.

INTERVIEW: So then, you originally wanted to be an artist?

GARDOT: In college, I was a painter, and I had a strong interest in fashion.

When we meet, Melody has just finished a photo shoot that delayed her arrival by a few hours—and her cat, Maestro, is a little out of sorts.