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Who is rose rollins dating

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After a successful, albeit unfulfilling, turn as a model, Rollins made her acting debut as C. A smattering of films followed, including Undisputed, 13 Moons and Mission: Impossible 3, but it was her role as Tasha Williams on The L Word that brought her instant fame. (“I don’t think I’m any comparison to Shane,” she laughs.) Just back from Iraq, the sexy soldier who won Alice’s heart and caused a scandal by bucking the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is now among the most popular lesbians on television and one of the few of color. I think it’s amazing we’re at this point where we’re choosing between an African American man and a white woman as the Democratic candidate. Who would have thought that it would be in our generation?(“I’m very aware of not allowing her to fall into any stereotypes.”) Tasha was one of the almost 10,000 troops discharged in the last decade or so for being queer, and Rollins played her with a brave butch authenticity rarely found on TV. I’ve noticed that there are just so many more people out there now that are voting for Democrat.

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She dated Linda Perry from 2009-2011, and married actor Cyrus Wilcox in April 2013.But I don’t want anyone to think that she chose Alice over her career. I think she finally realized what it is she was initially fighting for. So it sounds like you would have come to the same decision Tasha did? , in which she affirmed that despite playing a gay lady on a teevee show, she was in fact a heterosexual.with people like her ex-girlfriend, co-executive producer Rose Troche.She was one of a handful of out actresses who appeared on the show because you cannot make the first american lesbian TV show ever without giving Guienevere Turner a part. Velasquez had a bit role as the actress playing Marina in Lez Girls, but remained deeply closeted until last year, when she came out and released a memoir about her life, including details of her relationship with Sandra Bernhard.In 2006, Sea told After Ellen, ” I…don’t believe that gender is just binary, and I never have, so that’s what pulls me to sometimes politically identify as a lesbian, because I’m a feminist, and I feel like women are still so suppressed.” She remains an activist and a DJ, doing indie projects and being cute.

She has said of her time on The L Word, “Max was usually treated as an outsider in the story, and a fair amount of that bled onto me personally from a few people I had to work with.” Keener was one of those up-and-coming actresses in TLW who was pretty clearly living the life of a gay lady but not ready to say so. “Gay Pride Weekend had such a buoying effect on Keener that the actress stepped out in public not one, not two, but three times, with rumored new lady love Jackie Warner of Bravo’s Work Out,” wrote Gawker in 2008.

(page 1 of 2)She’s got a classic Hollywood backstory (discovered in a mall in Yonkers, N.

Y.), a dream job (“I was really into The L Word before I got the role. It’s one of my favorite shows.”) and rock-hard abs, but actor Rose Rollins is more than just the tough girl she plays on Showtime’s smash hit.

Find out where to reconnect with the actresses who portrayed Bette, Tina, Alice, Jenny, Kit, Helena, Max, Dana, Carmen, Tasha, Molly, Marina, Joyce Wishnia and of course, Shane.

Rose Rollins (born April 30, 1981) is an American actress.

Karina’s statement hurt the most, perhaps, as she indicated that being on the show was what convinced her she eventually came to feel that that relationship was a one-off and it wasn’t right for her to continue identifying as bisexual. here are the ones who are now publicly gay, lesbian, queer or bisexual: The only out lesbian playing a main character when the show premiered, Leisha Hailey had been a musician and an actress for a decade, and famously once dated worldwide lesbian heartthrob kd Lang.