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All this music is here, plus a superb solo performance at York University in 1972, a welcome shock at the end of an evening of notated music.

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Its cover is an iconic montage of photos taken in the guitar shop where he worked.The second release in a series of collaborations between Honest Jon’s Records and Incus: three double-LPs of the legendary free-improvising guitarist Derek Bailey, solo and in duos with Anthony Braxton and Han Bennink, augmenting the original releases with marvelous, previously unissued music.Recorded in 1974, at the Royal Hotel in Luton, with Braxton playing soprano and alto saxophones, and Bb and contrabass clarinets.: Moh Lhean (Joyful Noise) LP Grandaddy: Last Place (Columbia) LP Pissed Jeans: Why Love Now (Sub Pop) LP Bully: Losing (Sub Pop) LP Saltland: A Common Truth (Constellation) LP The Caretaker: Everywhere at the End of Time Stage 3 (HAFTW) LP Audible Songs From Rockwood El Michels Affair- Return to the 37th Chamber Midori Takada- Through the Looking Glass John Bender- Plaster Falling King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- Flying Microtonal Banana Protomartyr: Relatives in Descent (Domino) LP Daniel Romano: Modern Pressure (You’ve Changed) LP Sheer Mag: Need to Feel Your Love (Wilsuns) LP K.Burwash: Moonlanding (Pseudo Laboratories) CS Not Waving: Good Luck (Diagonal) LP War on Drugs: A Deeper Understanding (Atlantic) LP Faith Healer: Try 😉 (Mint) LP Metz: Strange Peace (Royal Mountain) LP Wares: s/t (Double Lunch) CS Lee Hazlewood: Requiem For An Almost Lady (Light in the Attic) LP Jonny Nash/Lindsay Nash: Fauna Mapping (Island of the Gods) LP Caterina Barbieri: Patterns of Consciousness (Important) LP Sarah Davachi: All My Circles Run (Students of Decay) LP Loke Rahbek: City of Women & Buy Corals Online (Editions Mego) LP Iona Fortune: Tao of I (Optimo) LP Ben Frost: The Centre Cannot Hold (Mute) LP Yair Elazar Glotman: Compound (Subtext) LP Transcendence Orchestra: Modern Methods for Ancient Rituals (Editions Mego) LP Visible Cloaks: Reassemblage & Lex (RVNG Intl) LP Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society: Simultonality (Eremite) LP Coil: Time Machines (Dais) LP Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda: The Ecstatic Music of (Luaka Bop) LP Maria Teresa Luciani: Sounds of the City (Finders Keepers) LP Roberto Musci: The Loa of Music (Soave) LP NSRD: Workshop for the Resto Ration of Unfelt Feelings (Stroom ) LP Steven Roach: Structures from Silence (Telephone Explosion) LP Claudio Rocchi: Suoni di Frontiera (Die Schachtel) LP Yasuaki Shimizu: Kakashi (Palto Flats) LP Midori Takada: Through the Looking Glass (WRWTFWW/Palto Flats) LP Hiroshi Yoshimura: Music for 9 Postcards (Empire of Signs) LP Various: Even a Tree Can Shed Tears (Light in the Attic) LP Various: Miracle Steps (Optimo) LP Various: Mono No Aware (Pan) LP Various: Tokyo Flashback (Black Editions) LP Various: Wayfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmare (Numero) LP …..picks of the week…..Shimizu was the bandleader of Mariah, who also saw their album Utakata No Hibi reissued by Palto Flats in 2015.

Kakashi offers a similar blend of saxophone experimentations, jazz fusion and ambient dub excursions.” File Under: Electronic, Jazz, Dub Listen Here Transcendence Orchestra: Modern Methods for Ancient Rituals (Editions Mego) LP The title of the debut album from The Transcendence Orchestra outlines the modus operandi of this pairing of Anthony Child and Daniel Bean.

He and the photographer piled up the instruments whilst the proprietor was at lunch, with Bailey promptly sacked on his return.

The LP was issued in two versions over the years — Incus 2 and 2R — with different groupings of free improvisations paired with Bailey’s performances of notated pieces by his friends Misha Mengelberg, Gavin Bryars, and Willem Breuker.

Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, 2017.

File Under: Ambient, Electronic, Drone Listen Here Basil Kirchin: Worlds Within Worlds (Superior Viaduct) LP “Basil Kirchin was a pioneering British composer who blurred the lines between musical genres.

Recorded in a remote English rural setting over a period of 24 hours, this is an apt location for a recording that eschews time and space in favor of methodological displacement and deep psychological navigation.