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Who is selina gomez dating

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However, months later, both Stella and Bloom found out that Sky and Brandon had deceived them during the Day of the Royals when Bloom accused Sky's fiancée, Diaspro, of secretly being Icy in disguise.

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He apparently does not see her as a monster because of some magic cast by Flora allowing him to only see Stella's "inner beauty." Later, though, the magic wears off as they are headed out to find the Mirror of Truth.Brandon and Stella are still going strong at the beginning of the Winx's third year of school.Brandon did go to Stella's princess ball where he planned on giving her a special gift.When Brandon refused, she threatened to keep Stella in Downland. Stella escaped, and found more sunlight to restore her energy.She then teleported to find help from Sky, Bloom, and Aisha.Brandon is the fun-loving, hot and a hunky boyfriend of Stella. He excels in sports and enjoys working on his motor bike.

Brandon is also an incorrigible flirt, as was shown in "The Show Must Go On!

Even though Brandon may be a flirt, he loves Stella, and even maybe little overprotective of her when she gets a little carried away flirting with other guys. He was sent with Sky to Red Fountain for both education and to act as Sky's personal bodyguard.

In Season 1, he switched identities so Sky could assume a normal life and diverge the threats from Yoshinoya.

During a fight, Brandon fell off a cliff and Stella jumped after him, forgetting her powers did not work. Brandon tried to save them both with his bow, but the line snapped.

While they were being pulled in further into the water, Stella yelled at Brandon "Don't let go! They were later found by Sponsus, and they were still holding hands. While there, Princess Amentia fell in love with Brandon because of his "perfectly symmetrical features" and decided to marry him.

When Stella is upset after not being able to find the mirror, Brandon admits he has seen her monster form all along and states that it did not change anything.